Tips to avoid refrigerator repair

refrigerator repair.

The refrigerator is one of the best friends of a human being at home. It reduces your workload and saves a lot of time in your hectic busy schedule. Even your unusual workload at the office will not annoy you the way a refrigerator break down will do for you. 

First of all, we don’t know the intricacies of the functioning of every part of the refrigerator. Secondly, the number of times you and your family member opens this machine would be huge. This will lead to periodic wear and tear of your fridge. 

As a result, finally, one day the functioning of this machine comes to a halt. You start leafing through the pages of the phone book to find out a professional to fix the refrigerator repair.

To avoid a breakdown, you can follow some simple maintenance tips to save your fridge from stopping to work. Follow these simple DIY hacks to enable the smooth functioning of your refrigerator and to prolong its lifespan.

Clean refrigerator coils: 

You have to at least dust the condenser coils once or twice in a year to avoid machine breakdown. When you start noticing your fridge is not cooling as it used to some time back, stop the fridge. Dust off the condenser coils as cobwebs and other dust particles can entangle the sides of the coils leading to a total stoppage of work. 

If you have placed your fridge in a garage or otherwise dusty place, follow this step. It will help you to keep the refrigerator in a fit and fine condition. This will facilitate an easy escape passage of heat from the fridge.

Clean the refrigerator condenser fan: 

In some refrigerator models, it is impossible to locate a condenser fan. If your refrigerator has condenser coils below the machine you can take out the fridge cover to reach the condenser fan. It will be located near the condenser coil. In case your condenser coil is at the back of the fridge, there will be no fan. 

A condenser fan runs 24/7 to keep the fridge cool and working. Sometimes a mouse or dirt may come in the way of working the fan stopping it completely. Remove the dust or mouse from the fan enabling it to work smoothly.

Wipe fridge door: 

If you gaze at your refrigerator, carefully, you can see a fridge gasket above the refrigerator frame. If you accidentally spill any gel or condensing milk, the gasket will be glued to the frame letting air pass through it. The escape of air from the fridge can disturb the proper functioning of the machine. Wipe the fridge gasket to keep it tidy and prevent tearing of the gasket.

Don’t overstuff to clog the freezer vents: 

Freezer vents enable free circulation of cool air throughout the freezer. Remove the excess food packages from the freezer. Otherwise, it will clog the drain tube leading to a hefty refrigerator repair bill. To enable the smooth functioning of this electronic device, you can load only 3/4ths of the freezer.

Clean the drip opening regularly: 

There will be a drip cup that collects the water flowing in the refrigerator when you run a defrost command. The drain channels allow the free passage of the water to the cup and it evaporates after some time from the cup. Keep the drain passage free from clog or dirt to enable it to function properly.

Set the moderate temperature for the fridge: 

Maintain a temperature of 38 to 42 degrees for the fridge and somewhere between 0 to 10 degrees for your freezer. This will help to cut down the utility bill as well as stretch the life span of your refrigerator.

In short, a refrigerator is one of the user-friendly devices you can’t live without. You can store food items for the whole week and save time and money. Usually, different electronic devices have a different life span. Your fridge can last for 18 years.

There are so many little things you can do to help it live to the fullest life of a fridge. The above- mentioned maintenance tips help the machine work properly to avoid a refrigerator repair problem. If no DIY tips work out, it is a red flag that it is the time to buy a new refrigerator.