Know Which Documents Are Necessary For Studying MBBS Abroad!


Your certificates and bio-data are not the only documents required for the admission process to study abroad. Whether it is to increase their career options or to get a better academic experience.

Every third person now is planning either to study MBBS in Ukraine, or Russia, or the USA. But what makes a study abroad journey successful? Besides other proactive methods, you need to be prepared with the right set of documents in advance required during the admission process. 

Not all universities around the world require the same set of credentials. Therefore, be clear about the requirements mentioned by the university you are applying to. If you are not sure, talk to expert study abroad consultants and they can guide you in the right direction. 

List of documents required to study MBBS abroad:

Always be aware of the requirements carefully and take notes so you don’t miss any of them. Strengthen your application. Below are some general documents required by the universities.

  • Application form
  • Certificates
  • Competitive exam scores
  • Statement of purpose
  • CV
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Passport size photos
  • Experience Documents

 1. Application form

The application form is the 1st important thing among the other documents. The application form contains several fields to enter all your personal and professional information. Fill out the application form carefully and correctly. If there is an option to fill in the details before printing the application form, look for it. It makes it much easier for the admission officer to proceed with your application.

2. Certificates

You must include your school or degree certificates while submitting the required documents.  You will need to submit your Senior Secondary Certificates (SSC) and Senior Secondary Certificates (HSC) along with a copy of mark sheets. If you have already finished your undergraduate or postgraduate degree, you will have to submit the degree certificate and mark sheets.

3. Competitive exam scores

If English is not your native language, provide evidence of English language proficiency. This is because many medical universities abroad offer courses in English and universities make sure that language should not be a limiting factor for your studies. Exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, etc have specific general degree requirements with a minimum in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Many test providers offer online versions of their exams as well. You can confirm with the university which exam is eligible. Test certificates are very important. It has an expiration date. So make sure the certificates are valid while applying for the university. 

4. Statement of purpose

This written document will define who you are, what made you choose your career path, why you choose that university, what are your plans after the course, your interests, and other personal details. A well-written SOP will be the key to your path to university. Therefore, invest a significant amount of time working on your SOP before placing the order. You will find many tips on the Internet for writing an effective SOP procedure.

5. Resume

Including your CV, it’s good to prepare an effective resume. I know it’s a little unrealistic to have a solid resume right after high school, but try it! It is wise to get help while preparing your resume; Stick to two pages at most, if possible.

6. Letters of Recommendation

People always want to know what other people think about you. Look for the right opportunity to order a LOR from the right person. He/she must be someone you know who will definitely prove it to you. Find tips for writing LORs, sample LORs and pass them onto the person writing the letter of recommendation for you. 

7. Passport size photos 

Attach passport size photo along with other documents at the time of submission.

Other than these, the following are the documents required for the admission process:

Mark’s sheet of class 10th.

Mark’s sheet of class 12th.

Invitation letter from the university.

Fee receipt of 1st-year tuition/enrollment fee.

Authorization of documents from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

Legalization of documents from the country (you chose) Embassy.

Be extra cautious because there are good candidates who have almost lost chances of studying abroad only because they missed submitting one, or the other required documentation. Consult the overseas education consultants if you are planning to study MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, or other foreign countries. They will provide you with detailed information on which all documents are necessary for the admission process. They will also help you throughout the admission process and also with the visa process. 

Pursue your MBBS degree now, Good luck future doctors..!