Instagram Followers: Ways That Work For Sure!

Instagram Followers

If you are finding ways for increasing your Instagram followers, then you probably must have googled a lot of hacks and thought about different ways to incorporate them so that you can grow your channel or your handle organically. 

Does it always happen the way you want it? 

Understand this that Instagram constantly changes the algorithm. This is because it works on machine learning and whatever is trending at that moment, Instagram will optimise the whole feed in that way. 

Hence, here are tips which we are going to tell you:

Ride with the tide

Learn how to maintain your authenticity and following the trend. Instagram only values content that people engage with. Hence, make sure you are making people to engage with your content as much as possible. 

You will slowly understand this that a true valuable Instagram follower is the one that cares and engage with your profile as much as possible. It might be possible that those Instagram followers you gained in another way may boost your ego but you want to increase your followers who want to engage with your content. You can certainly boost your followers by buying them and then try to engage with them using the organic hacks.

Have an Instagram strategy

Follow good pages that can guide you with the Instagram base you want to build. Do not use shortcuts like bots to define your profile. Come up with a good strategy as to how you will be able to follow it regularly to bring in more Instagram followers

Define your target audience and start preparing a strategy to target them with your posts. Ultimately, you would want followers who are loyal to your Instagram profile. Also, this will go a long way in your journey. 

Understand a few things about how your audience is and what are the basic demographics. What age group are you trying to reach, what do they do for livelihood, where do they work are some of the questions you need to understand. 

Understanding all these questions can help you in reaching the right target audience. Always remember that you are aiming for the long term and not just for the initial spike in numbers. 

Create an aesthetic of you on Instagram

You need to create a brand story of yourself and have an aesthetic of your own. You can share your perspective of your functioning and it should reflect in the posts you put out. Think of it in this way, when you are thinking about Romance novels, you would probably choose Nicholas Sparks’ intense love stories. That is an aesthetic he created for himself. 

In the same way, you need to create a story and aesthetic so that people relate to you when they are searching for the content of a particular genre. You can be focusing on the entire lifestyle or you can be focusing on fashion and beauty, but you need to create a strong impact on the users. People need to associate your posts with a genre. Use different Instagram features to highlight your content. 


These might be just a few leaves out of a big book but these are the basics. To build your page, you need to present yourself in such a way that people recognize you. Do not get afraid to try out the trending things which can be completely new for you. Use relevant hashtags, create a great bio so that people can understand you. Write relatable captions to your profile and use proper hashtags that go with the photo. Following these things can help you go a long way!