How To Progress In This Work From Home Season?

Work From Home

Since the onset of the dangerous pandemic, all the companies in the world had no choice but to ask their employees to work from home. It may have been relaxing in the beginning but when it is the routine daily, we may come across many challenges. 

Moreover, suddenly you feel like receiving all the space you always wanted from the office and home, you tend to miss your daily routine, your sleep cycle is disturbed and your pets may interfere with your conference calls. Hence, here is what you can do to increase your productivity and stay sane during these crazy work hours. 

Follow the routine 

Every time you realize that the day is not going as you planned, it is because there is no set routine. You need to follow some ground rules and how you plan your day. Wake up early or the time you generally wake up before your work and unwind your day. Plan all the tasks you are going to complete and then start working. Maybe dress up like you are going to the office, and then go for a short walk before you start to work. Cook meals in between to help you have the nutrition to your brain.


This is the most important part of the day because once you exercise; you are going to get the energy to perform any kind of task for the rest of the day. Hence, it is always a good idea to go outside and run or walk before you hit the table. Exercise is energy boosters and it will give you the strength to work. 

Do not lounge in pajamas!

Do not lounge in your pajamas no matter what the issue is. This is because when you wear pajamas, you will not feel productive which is why you need to get out of the pajamas and step into your office wear to help you get into that office mood. Shower after you wake up and wear office clothes to not feel lazy or unproductive again. 

Have a working space

Do not work on your bed or your sofa because that will send signals to your brain that you are relaxing. Have a fixed office working space for yourself so that you can bring that work persona there. When you have a working space, you will be able to concentrate better and it acts like an actual workspace sans your co-worker. If it is possible, please invest in a good chair to take care of your spine even while you work. 

Ground rules with family

When you are quarantining, it is best if you do it with your family. But when you are working from home, know that you need to set some ground rules before you work. Your siblings or your parents may have the same work schedules and it might be conflicting when you all have conference calls at the same time. You can also set some rules for your pet and communicate with them to not disturb you during some moments. The only thing you can do here is to support each other’s work schedules and work your way around it. 

Take breaks often

Remember those water cooler breaks or those coffee breaks? It is always good if you can set up a time to take a break from work. One mistake you do is that when you see so much of work pile up, you tend to get worked up and start with the things without taking any break. 

However, if you take small but quite a few breaks, you can set that synergy again in you. How to not get disturbed during this period? Block your calendar during this time so that everyone knows you have taken a break.

Check your network and connectivity issues

During work from home, being online is one of the main ways for your co-workers to rely on you and get the work done. Therefore, this is the time when you keep a regular check if your laptop is charged and your phone is connected. In addition, Wi-Fi is one of the biggest issues and reasons for connectivity problems which are why get it fixed as soon as you can. 


Work from home can be a dream come true but that is only until you balance it the right way. These tips help you to increase productivity and you will be able to overcome a great challenge of balancing home and work right at home. It is important that you follow these tips and work as per your jobs. It is quite essential that you stay healthy and a bit professional when you are working. This can be achieved if you make little changes in your daily routine.