Children Rhymes and their role in shaping your Kid’s personality

Children Rhymes

We all love poetry. Even children are enticed by poems. They love to listen to and recite rhymes. 

It might sound very odd but poems can truly have a large impact on your child’s personality and overall development. 

Kids are introduced to poems from their formative years. Different boards of education have different children’s rhymes. Class 3 is an important phase in the primary school as one transits from the not-so-serious phase of Classes 1-2 to the extensive learning phase of Classes 4-5. English poems for Class 3 are considered to be very crucial. These poems are mostly related to nature, animals, birds, humans and other things that children can relate to. 

Here are some of the ways how children rhyme impact the overall development of kids:

1. Confidence Level

As kids, we all have been in front of our elders reciting poems and getting applauded. Poem recitation helps a lot in gaining confidence to speak in front of an audience. It reduces stage fear.

2. Linguistic Sharpness

Poems can build a strong linguistic foundation in children. As poems comprise words, rhyme-schemes, different writing styles, etc., they help kids in getting a sound grip over the language. 

3. Interpretation Prowess

Poems allow kids to indulge in them and find their own way of interpretation of the lines. There is no single meaning to each and every line of a poem. It can have a very deep meaning as well as a very straightforward one. And, there can be several ways to perceive poetry. The world of rhymes is open to interpretation and that’s what makes it highly admired. 

4. Tone and Voice Modulation

A perfect blend of tone and voice modulation make a great speaker. During poem recitation, one has to go about the lines in a flow. This improves speech development in children. In the long run, they are acquainted about the importance of pitch, tone and voice modulation factors. 

5. Social Understanding

Poems can shape social and emotional intelligence among children. They let kids know about various situations, people’s way of dealing with their problems and worries. Children rhyme also help kids know more about their cultural values and traditions. 

There are ten poems included in the CBSE curriculum for Class 3 English. Under this, the Sea Song poem is one of the most-loved children rhymes for Standard 3. You can get a detailed summary and colourful printable PDF of the poem so that your little one can read the poem anytime, anywhere.

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