Advantages and disadvantages of smart home

smart home

We are in the ear where everyone leaning and attracting towards smart electronic appliances. Mobile phones and the computer have been smart and every day you get to know new inventions and up gradation in technology and so on electronics gadgets and devices.

Currently, smart hometechnology has trending everywhere. Cross the world almost every family is adopting smart devices and gadgets in their homes. AS technology is moving fast there are a variety of products has been introducing in the market. Keeping and using the latest technology can be a struggle. Every technology company wants to earn profit and for that purpose, they are providing a useful product with the best quality.

Advantages of smart home

Easily lock and unlock your doors-

The safety of the home is the first thing that comes to the mind of every person before leaving the house. No matter how many locks you put on in your door there is always the risk of burglars and thieves. But with a smart lock system in your home will reduce the security risk by offering security alter system which indicates you if something happens wrong. With the use of smart home devices like the smart camera you can lock your home even though you are not at home.

Smart energy consumption saves energy-

Every house owner’s primary focus is to save energy. With the use of convenient appliances and electronic gadgets, the consumption of energy increases. By using smart home devices the wastage of consumption of energy get reduces. With the use of smart home products the machines, appliances, and devices immediately turned off after usage and thus saves consumption of energy to a great extend.

Customization as per convenience-

With the use of a smart home automation system, it’s become very simple to customize the gadgets and appliances of your home according to the need. Whenever you want to increase or decrease the temperature of your air conditioner, you can easily do that. You can on or off your water heater even though you are not present at home. You can easily turn off everything while resting in your bed. All these things you can do just by a single click from your mobile.

Ease to use-

The most important advantage of using smart home devices is the easy and convincing way of using them without any difficulties and problems. You can control all your appliances without any trouble. Even those who are not familiar with their use can understand it easily just by following some manuals. With the use of smart home technology 24/7, you feel that you are connected with your home even though you are not at home.

Remote control-

The devices used in the smart home are connected with the internet directly or through hubs. It means that you can control all devices just through a single click from anywhere just by having your internet connection. The major benefit of having such control is that through your mobile and tables you can easily manage the controlling of your appliances.

Disadvantages of smart home


The biggest disadvantage of using smart home appliances is the cost. In the market, several companies offer the smart home system, but every good company is expensive. The smart home system is something that can be installed by few upper-class people. For installing all the systems you must have a good sum of money in your pocket. Although in the beginning, it may be costly in the future it will prove cost-saving.

Depends on the internet-

The major drawback of using smart home devices is that it requires a good and strong internet connection. Without an internet connection, you will not manage or control all appliances. In the absence of internet connect due for any reason you can’t access and control your system. So it’s essential to hire an internet service provider who offers good quality of internet connection of your home.


Things that are connected with the internet will always have some security concerns. Hacking is always involved in it. If the hackers can infiltrate smart appliances they can easily control all your lights, doors or may even copy your secret personal and professional’s data.

Complex to use-

Those who are familiar with the technologies can easily understand their usage and control their devices without any trouble. With who are not; have to face several problems in handling and monitoring the smart devices through remote. Hence this is the biggest disadvantage of having smart home appliances.

Not suitable for all types of houses-

the installation of smart home devices is not suitable for all types of houses. For installing devices, a proper wiring system becomes essential but the houses which are having old construction don’t have such a wiring system. To convert the old home to a smart one you old have to make arrangements for its proper wiring.